Valentine's fantasyA lonely forest mushroomCharles the beetlechristmas moodShip bell Ship at night - second viewShip at nightAnother good morning bijland!Another sunset at bijland!Good morning bijland!Sunset at bijlandsee - NetherlandSenior fire fighterAn apple blossomSweet kittenThe EagleSpring has started!Christmas nutcrackerMerry ChristmasFirst sight Autumn Colors - the last oneAutumn ColorsAutumn  Imperial CastleCircus ClownsSunset at the contest locationgreen beetle karlmisty autumnautumn begins Baltic Seaanother Butterflylittle butterflyVacationEarly Landscape The little bugJust a Beelittle and greenZündappselfieold mechanical stuffThe half-timbered barnjust another birdA BluetitLast star 2013What´s up?First SelfiCaterpillarautumn colorsA small fishing boatsome car valves kite surfer in actionSo sweet - the better Nuk adverticementmore than wordsPink RosefadedGreenjust one more beeGet out of my way!PandaCharles the beetleThe Three StoogesMrs. Bumble BeeshoesA chainnothing specialSnow leo in the spring sunjust another birdSun setJust metal ballsLast light of summerWhat´s up?A sea-gullSeems she needs a haircut!AntBig butterflyThe malayan baby tapirThe beauty of the baltic seaSnow flake WinterThe HallwayA FrogCommunication tower of nuremberg at sun setGossiping buddysI´m not a clown fish!Snowy Owl named Hedwigcolors of autumn 4colors of autumn 3colors of autumn 2colors of autumn 1Playing ottersSun rise in autumn - or why contesting?An eurasian jayautumn blossomSun rise in autumnlast butterfly of the season - another pictureLast butterfly of the seasonSharkyMore stonesStonesthe dancerThe DrummerboyThe VoiceMr. Guitar the clowna bagpipe playerthe real snow leoClose up of Flipforgotten fairytail castlecascadeshore linea wallold doormothers day bouquet the garden snaila ordinary house flyThe moon (again)Donald the duckPolar bears don´t cryPapa penguinWeise Blütethe conservatorystairway blue fungusPyrrhocoridaeVollmond- noch ein VersuchGuter MondFrühling 3 - erstes GrünApfelbaum Frühling 2FrühlingGlasKa - the snakeMein Sigma 17-50mmZerkrazt!Angeklebt!IMG_0841IMG_0203IMG_3060.jpgIMG_2792.jpgIMG_2758.jpgIMG_2620.jpgIMG_2498.jpgIMG_2222.jpgIMG_2079.jpgIMG_1809.jpgIMG_1731.jpgSchweizer KroneIMG_1608.jpgIMG_1379.jpgIMG_1328.jpgIMG_1316.jpgIMG_1313.jpgIMG_1310.jpgIMG_1303.jpgIMG_1299.jpgIMG_1199.jpgIMG_1190.jpgIMG_1185.jpgIMG_1182.jpgIMG_1165.jpgIMG_1161.jpgIMG_1116.jpgIMG_1091.jpgIMG_1070.jpgIMG_1047.jpgIMG_1028.jpgIMG_1014.jpgIMG_0996.jpgIMG_0991.jpgIMG_0899.jpgIMG_0860.jpgIMG_0824.jpgIMG_0419.jpgIMG_0417.jpgIMG_0409.jpgIMG_0409-2.jpgIMG_0404.jpgIMG_0392.jpg2002_01_10_p1100035.jpg2002_01_10_p1100016.jpg2002_01_10_img_0857.jpg2002_01_10_img_0832.jpg2000_01_02_pdrm0019.jpgIMG_0439.jpgIMG_0223.jpgWasser des Lebens